Fingerprinting Merit badge - The fingerprinting merit badge will be offered at 4pm everyday after the other classes have completed. This will be during free time.
***Cooking Merit Badge Pre-Req #7 Food-related careers. Find out about three career opportunities in cooking. Select one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Bring this information with you to turn in to your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.
***Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge Pre-Req: -Youth need to buy safety glasses, from me or bring their own. -Bring clothes that can get dirty, not their uniforms. -Some homework to find out about their families vehicle registration cost and career opportunities in the field.
***Fire Safety Merit Badge pre-req: Visit a fire station for a tour.
***Motor Boating Merit Badge info - All boys signed up will meet for the class book work portion on Monday night for an hour in the parking lot before dinner. Swim check is necessary before going on the water.
***Life Saving Merit Badge - boys must be able to meet the swimming requirements at the beginning of the class on (Monday PM or Tuesday AM, This is not a beginning swimming class. The requirement that I'm concerned about is: #1b. Swim continuously for 400 yards using EACH of the following strokes in a strong manner, in good form with rhythmic breathing, for at least 50 continuous yards: front crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Boys need to have the First Aid Merit Badge before class or earn it during camp in order to pass off the Life Saving Merit Badge at camp.
***Engineering Merit Badge Pamphlet. This has a lot of great information including what you need to complete the merit badge. I will have at least one copy available during camp for reference. Engineering Merit Badge Pre-Req #1: Select a manufactured item in your home (such as a toy or an appliance) and, under adult supervision and with the approval of your counselor, investigate how and why it works as it does. Find out what sort of engineering activities were needed to create it. Discuss with your counselor at Camp what you learned and how you got the information. Engineering Merit Badge Pre-Req #2: Select an engineering achievement that has had a major impact on society. Using resources such as the Internet (with your parent's permission), books, and magazines, find out about the engineers who made this engineering feat possible, the special obstacles they had to overcome, and how this achievement has influenced the world today. Tell your counselor what you learned.
Camp Shirt Fee - Camp Shirts are $10. If you would like a shirt, please set the shirt size for each attendee at camp. If you do not want a shirt, set the shirt size to No Shirt. Any other option will order a shirt and add the charge to the unit total fees.

Welcome to AP Camp 2019

Camp starts June 17th. The 2019 camp packet is now available. Please download it from the Documents section of the page.
Meritbadge class signup will begin May 4th at 6:00am. Meritbadge class schedule is currently being finalized and is being posted to the website. It can be found under the information tab. There may still be changes made to the schedule. Once class registration opens, Class Signup is here.

Trail to First Class
Trail to First Class is an all day session. Youth who sign up for Trail to First Class will be unable to sign up for merit badge classes. Due to the full day scheduling, the schedule will show it starting at 9am on Monday. Classes will not start until the afternoon on Monday and will finish at lunchtime on Friday.

Unit Administrators can sign up the boys in the unit by going directly to the Class Signup page.


AP Camp is following the church program. Youth that will turn 12 during the 2019 calendar year are welcome to participate as a full scout for the full week.

Unit Administrators need to complete the Camp Attendance Form


Unit administrators should make sure the adults and youth that will be attending are listed in your unit information and are marked off as attending in the camp attendance form. Please make sure the shirt sizes are correct for your youth and adults that are attending. The meritbadge class schedule has been finalized and posted on the site. Registration fees are due prior to units being permitted to sign up for classes.

Camp Packet

The Camp Packet is now available.

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